Mental Health is Mental Wealth! Early this year on April 1st we run a campaign with those phrases and even added the therapeutic purpose of poetry and music to the mix. But that is not the issue here though.

If let say the therapy sessions yeilded good but you have a new issue to resolve – what do you do? After some improvement – what is you view? Where do you go after? Do you still to consult? This Post puts it very clearly

Check it out.


From Claire's POV

This is probably one of those posts where I had a thousand of ideas, and yet I never really knew how to form those ideas in a decent post. That, and I found it really difficult writing this post. Because the stigma surrounding mental health is still there. I was told by my family not to write about this, but I refuse to be silenced.

I am recovering from depression and anxiety. I’m happier than I ever was, and am in a good place, both physically and mentally.

Yet I still go to psychiatric therapy. And I still take my medication.

And it’s okay.

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